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Archipelago trips with the P/B Holger

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Boatrides Are you disabled or having trouble getting on board smaller boats but have always dreamt of going on a trip in the gorgeous archipelago of Oskarshamn? Your dream will come true ...

Aron the tour boat

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Boatrides, Nature experience During the summer, the Aron tour boat makes regular trips on Lake Maren, between Mörtfors and Solstadström. The trip takes just under an hour. Groups of up to 12 people are welc...

Destination Gotland

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Boatrides With Destination Gotland's ferries, the trip from Oskarshamn to Gotland takes approx. 3 hours.

Figeholms Marin

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Boatrides Sales, services and repairs of boats and boat engines. Also boat rentals.

Lake Hummeln


Bathing places/swim centers, Boatrides, Fishing [...] Lake Hummeln is unique of its kind since it was formed 470 million years ago by a meteorite

M/S Solsund

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Boatrides Are you in the mood for a day trip to Öland, Sweden's second largest island? It is possible with M/S Solsund!

Misterhult archipelago

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Bathing places/swim centers, Boatrides, Canoe & Kayak [...] Misterhult archipelago, with its about 2000 islands, is considered being one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos. There are a lot of ancient monuments in the surroundings...

Räkkryssning med underhållning i fantastisk skärgårdsmiljö

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Boatrides Shrimp cruise - a good thing in life on a bright summer night with a troubadour entertaining you. The company of happy friends, a set table with shrimps and everything that goes...

Rent your motor boat

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Boatrides Enjoy the wonderful archipelago of Oskarshamn. Go ashore on an island for fishing, BBQ and swimming.


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Bathing places/swim centers, Boatrides, Canoe & Kayak [...] The island, which is 1,433 acres in size and almost entirely round, may have got its name from the Swedish words 'Rund Ö' which means 'Round Island'.

Solkust (Sunshine Coast) trips with the M/S Solkust

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Boatrides Take the M/S Solkust to the legendary Blå Jungfru national park (Blåkulla) or just enjoy Oskarshamn's enchanting archipelago for a fresh prawn dinner cruise.