Lake Hummeln

Address: 57091 Kristdala Show map

Address: 57091 Kristdala

Lake Hummeln is unique of its kind since it was formed 470 million years ago by a meteorite

Lake Hummeln is unique of its kind since it was formed 470 million years ago by a meteorite and is listed as one of the 600 lakes in the world that should be preserved for research. The lake is geologically interesting because of the bedrock. There are also relics in Hummeln from the time when the lake was connected to the Baltic Sea. The Råsvik beach is located lakeside at Hummeln, which is an excellent place to stay on a nice summer’s day. Råsvik is located about 5 km from Kristdala and you can get here by car or bicycle. For those who want to go fishing or paddling, we recommend to follow the dirt road from Malghult down to Kalkviken. Here there is a cozy barbecue area, picnic tables and parking. In order to fish in the lake, fishing license is required and you buy it at Hummelns Fiskevårdsområde. Here there is a nice place to easily put your boat or canoe in the water. If you do not have your own boat, you can rent one.

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