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Address: Brädholmen Oskarshamn Show map

Address: Brädholmen Oskarshamn

Enjoy the wonderful archipelago of Oskarshamn. Go ashore on an island for fishing, BBQ and swimming.

If you don't have the opportunity to experience the ocean with a boat, you do have it now.
Rent your own motor boat and enjoy the beautiful archipelago of Oskarshamn. Bring some food and relax on an island or just cruise around. Are you interested in lake fishing instead of ocean fishing, then it is no problem, the boats can be moved if it is needed.

For rental: book it on www.hyrabå, info@hyrabå or call +46708944747

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Clarion Collection Hotel Post

Distance: 384 meters
Hotell and guesthouse | Hotel Post is centrally located by Stora Torget in Oskarshamn, just a few minutes’ walk from the travel centre and the ferry quay.

Oskarshamn/Oscar, STF Hostel

Distance: 674 meters
The closeness to the ocean embodies the history of Oskarshamn and the town is intimately tied to shipping and shipbuilding. The Sjöfartsmuseet (Maritime Museum) displays everything there is to know about shipping and the shipyard.
Hotels and guesthouses

Adels Hotel

Distance: 658 meters
Hotels and guest houses | Adels Hotell is located a stone’s throw from the sea and the Gotland terminal. The building was erected in 1918 as a residence for the then director of Oskarshamn’s copper works – Ture Lindblom.